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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Col. William S. Smith buried at West Hill Cemetery, Sherburne, NY

West Hill Cemetery on Rt. 80 out of Sherburne, NY is an active and well kept cemetery.  Of historical significance are Col. William S. Smith and his wife Abigail Adams.  Abigail was the only daughter of John Adams that lived beyond age 2 years.  John Adams was our second president of the United State.  And Abigail was brother to John Quincy Adams.

Sign in front of the West Hill Cemetery at Sherburne, NY
Overview of Col. William S. Smith's gravesite.
"Here Lie The Mortal remains of Col. Wm. S. SMITH Who died At Lebanon June 10, 1816 Aged 59 years"

Plague by the headstone of Col. William S. Smith
IN Memory of ABIGAIL ADAMS The Wife of Col. Wm. S. Smith And only Daughter of JOHN ADAMS, The Second President of the United States.  Abigail died in 1813 and was buried at Quincy, MA.

"In the War of Independence, He Fought in Twenty two Battles, served as aide To GEN. WASHINGTON Who always Held him in Affectionate Esteem"

 William Stephens Smith was born November 8, 1755 on Long Island, NY.   While secretary of the Legation at London in 1784, he met and courted John Adam's daughter Abigail ("Nabby") and they married in 1786.
He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 17 district.  He held many offices under President Washington and Adams which you can read about at the link below.

Col. Smith and Abigail had four children:  William, John, Thomas, and Caroline. 

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Stephens_Smith  This is a good bio of Col. Smith.

And a bio of Abigail's life.  Abigail died in Quincy, MA in 1813, so I assume she is buried there.

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