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Welcome to Exploring NY Cemeteries. One of my favorite past times is wandering through local cemeteries and I would like to share some photos I've taken as well as some of the history that I have found. Come along and explore with me.
To start off I'm honoring Veterans for Memorial Day with photos and any information that I may have about them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abial Cook, Revolutionary War, Woolley Hill Cemetery

Woolly Hill Cemetery aka Quaker Cemetery aka Chase Cemetery which is near Garrattsville, NY is a very old cemetery which is poorly attended.  Climbing through brambles, weeds, branches etc. isn't easy.  Interestingly, the ground itself is nearly all moss.  Some stones are still fairly clear, but of course many aren't.
Abial Cook was the Revolutionary Soldier that I was aiming for and he and his family were way to the back.
His older headstone gives his name as Abial.  The military plague may have the wrong spelling?? 

ABIAL COOK, died July 8, 1849.  Aged 86 yrs.
MARGARET, Wife of Abial Cook, died Feb 15, 1825, aged 51 yrs.
View of the back part of the cemetery where the Cook monuments are located.

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