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Welcome to Exploring NY Cemeteries. One of my favorite past times is wandering through local cemeteries and I would like to share some photos I've taken as well as some of the history that I have found. Come along and explore with me.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Col. Cato Freeman, Revolutionary Black Soldier, Butternut Valley Cemetery

While wandering at Butternut Valley Cemetery which is 3 miles north of Garrattsville in the Town of Burlington, I found some well preserved stones that caught my interest.  Little did I realize the historical significance of this family.  Hartwick College has some history online of Cato Freeman.  He is one of 70,000 black soldiers that served in the Revolutionary War.  The link and more information is below the photos.

Sacred to the memory of Col. CATO FREEMAN, Died May 19, 1828, Age 96 Years
PARMELIA wife of Col. Cato Freeman, died April 19, 1838, Age 73 Years
Charlotte F., Wife of Anthony Jackson and daughter of Col. Cato and Permelia Freeman
Parmelia J and Martin F. L., grandchildren of Cato Freeman

Cato's last name may have been Freedom.  "The center also detailed Freedom’s history as a private of the Connecticut Line from 1778, with his enlistment lasting beyond the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781. Freedom received an honorable discharge on September 2, 1783, and although he indicated in pension documents that he served in the Third Connecticut Regiment, he also was enlisted in the Fifth Company, Seventh Regiment, commanded by Colonel H. Swift. His enlistment lasted until the peace treaty between the U.S. and Great Britain, and by 1818, he had relocated to Burlington, where he lived on a 33-acre homestead with his wife, Parmelia, and daughters, Charlotte and Aurabia. He died in February 1830, another fact uncovered by the USCTI despite contradicting information on his tombstone."  Below is the link to the Hartwick College article from which I just quoted.

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